Monday, October 19, 2015

A dream of family and space

A majestic and celestial dream, a computer program to be navigated, a symphony that changes depending on the direction of your gaze, a story being written as you witness it.

Family: voices speaking names, intoning relationships, a choir of history.

Community, society: percussion. Drumbeats of towns connected by tambourine trails and roads to xylophone cities and metropolises.

Place: woodwind instruments starting in the house, spreading out through my suburb, sweeping over the state and into the desert.

Region, country: from a desert starts playing the piano, riding contour maps of a country, into the ocean, visiting every continent across the globe.

Planets, solar systems: strings rising through the atmosphere and out to view our planet, planets, solar system.

Stars, galaxies: deep brass sweeping along our galactic arm, blowing out to view galaxies forming patterns of their own.

Something that you swim in and out of, traversing layers of music and feelings, the symphony of life and surroundings and connections. An eternal song.

It was a beautiful dream I had this morning.

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