Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I live perched upon her shoulder

I came to life clinging to a strand of her hair so wide it seemed like home. Then I fell, screaming all the way until, with a gentle wumph, l landed on the soft fabric covering her shoulder. It took me some time to gather myself, to stop the crazy thoughts spinning through my mind, to realize that I had fallen not out of existence but somewhere real, somewhere that still included the concept of me. I looked around.

For one whole day I was with her, and saw everything she did from my perch upon her shoulder. It scared me, horrified me and yet l was truly unable to look away. It was enthralling. Is this what it is like to live?

When she arrived home, I tried to remember every detail | had seen that day, and hoped I could find a way to store those recollections. She entered her bedroom and took off her jumper. 0nce more I became aware of the concept of me, not as an observer but as an entity, lacking any meaningful control over my life or the jumper I was inextricably nestled within. She placed the jumper in the hamper and closed the lid. Now I sit in the darkness and wonder. What happens next?