Monday, February 08, 2016

A nightmare of ne'er-do-wells

A nightmare of ne'er-do-wells and the endless betrayals between them as supremacy over a blighted land is sought. A demon leads a rebellion with his sisters. Through a multitude of dimensions they hunt their father and together slay him. The demon turns his tricks upon his sisters next. He watches the hatred die in their eyes under his blade and spells.

The survivor rests, but not easy. His mind is full of the many different ways he may die if a family member somehow lives, or if a new challenger decides it is their time to come to the fore. His final dream within my dream is that of having his throat slowly cut, blood and breath gurgling out under pain that blots out the light. His last sight is the grimly victorious visage of this betrayer. But this is a dream he is used to, a fate he has imagined and escaped so many times it is a song whose words are uttered unconsciously.

He turns in his sleep as I wake and face the day.