Monday, June 02, 2008

Drabble Zombie

I walk, though I am dead. I am vacant except for hunger. I linger in wait, in a most innocent door way until I spy a most innocent passerby. I lurch out from the shadow and moan in my depraved manner: "brains!" I want to eat her brains. I want to crack open her skull and scrape the warm grey flesh from her bowl-like cranium and taste that mush on my tongue, feel it slide down my throat. Hungry, I reach out for her head, but she casually brushes me aside and talks about herself. I am un-dead, and confused.

Listen to the DrabbleCast, narrated and produced by Norm Sherman. It will change how you think about short.

I have started with the old stuff, from ep 20 or so. My favourites to date are Drabblecast 23 - Momentum, by Kevin Anderson and Drabblecast 29 - Code Brown, By Dermot Glennon.


Kevin Anderson said...

Momentum is one of my favorite drabblecasts episodes, next to #36. Thanks for the nod.

RobertMarkBram said...

You are more than welcome Kevin - I am a great fan of your writing. :)

RobertMarkBram said...

Nice one Blank - thanks for telling me about it! Are you an Ecuadorian Goth? :)