Sunday, July 01, 2007

Hating Samsung X660

I have a Samsung X660, which I purchased a little over a year ago now. It was the first phone I bought with a camera and the ability to download and run Java games, so for quite a while I was in rapture with my purchase.

Over time, though, there are aspects of this phone that have become the source of constant frustration rather than joy.

I was so disappointed to learn that the infra red cannot be used to transfer multi-media. It seems that I will simply lose all of the photos and short vids I have taken when I get my next phone.

It has a camera button on the side, which cannot be locked. This means that while it is in your pocket, it will take a few nice photos for you! I had to delete 400 photos of black last week when I realised this! Prior to this I was using a generic phone cover, which protected the camera button from accidental snap shot taking. I grew sick of the cover though, because it sweats. My choice: sweaty phone or hundreds of photos taken from within my pocket!

I have an extreme dislike for the calendar. This is the first phone I have used with a calendar but I found the interface to be limiting and unfriendly.

The middle button is hard-coded to the browser function. This is disappointing for a couple of reasons. 1) I rarely use this function and would much rather have been able to assign it to something else. 2) I find myself too often accidentally hitting that button when I meant to push up/down/left/right instead and find myself hurriedly cancelling the browser, wondering how much of the opening page has the browser managed to download already.

When responding to a text message, the quick English language option is not available. When I want to respond to a text message now, I start a new message and assign the recipient myself.

I like this phone because it is the first phone I have bought that has a camera and the ability to download Java games. However, I dislike this phone for all the above reasons. Overall, I would not have purchased this phone if I had known about the disadvantages, and I doubt my next phone will be a Samsung.

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